K A Denver is a wife and mother to two fantastic children as well as two cute furbabies, she is based in Co. Antrim in Ireland.


Since her early twenties she had a dream, she had wanted to become an author of Adult, New Adult and Young Adult books and share with others the worlds and characters she kept in her head.


It took the love and support of her husband as well as the courage gained from raising her two children to help her decide she needed to stop procrastinating, finally putting words onto paper, she has taken the first step towards her dream.


Her first novel The Guardians: Forest of Ancestors began as a short story which she had written for a Blog Take Over event.  The story was so well received that she was contacted by readers asking where they could read the full novel.


The first book of her novella series The Grimoire Prophecies is now out and available in most online bookstores. A novel based on a young woman and the choice between brothers, one who walks in the light of good, the other in the shadows of evil.  But, which is which?


Deciding writing fantasy was not enough, K. A. Denver dipped her toes into the supernatural horror genre and penned a short story, Dog Soldiers: A Gory Little Short Story. This little gem has been well received and because of that there is a second installment in the works.


The Second book in The Guardians series, which we see through the eyes of Fionn, will be available late 2018 with the possibility of a few more little short stories.


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