The Guardians: Forest of Ancestors


Eli is not your average witch, he is a member of a group of elite male warriors fighting evil entities that torment the non-magical world.


However, when one of their leaders is murdered, questions are raised and an ancient foe of Dark Witches, who was previously thought to be long gone, reappears.


It will take all their abilities to defeat this enemy with the possible help of an unlikely ally.

Knowing the past will lead them to unexpected revelation which erupts into a battle unlike any other. Eli is about to discover all is not as it seems and life has plenty of tricks up its sleeve.


In Forest of Ancestors, the first book of The Guardians series, K.A. Denver weaves magic, romance and betrayal into a thrilling fantasy with a contemporary flare.




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Dog Soldiers

A Gory Little Short Story, Novelette.


Can't make up your mind what to read? You love Shifters, want blood and lots of it, but

haven't loads of time to read a full novel? Then this is for you.



A military man, taken by brute force, wakes up in a strange place where there is no honor amongst men. It’s survival of the fittest and to be the leader of the pack, he must claw his way to the top. Literally!


A gory little short story, Available now!

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The Grimoire Prophecies (Book 1)



Sophie Seymour has been shielded her whole life from a world of magic and wonder.


A traumatic event in sixteen-year-old Sophie’s life leaves her devastated, her nightmares and grief only increasing her turmoil. All that is about to change when twins, Joshua and Ethan Walker, come into her life along with a mysterious and mischievous cat. Struggling to understand why she feels drawn to them, Sophie embarks on a journey within and finds more than she expected.


Sophie feels drawn to uncover a truth about her world, but is she strong enough to face the shocking choices and sacrifices which lie ahead?


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Supernatural Compendium


Under the onslaught of supernatural beings, the acts of good people can seem insignificant, but a courageous few stand apart. These are stories of brave men and women who stand up to the darkness, fight for what they believe in, for loved ones, for their lives. Stories of triumph, sacrifice, and bravery in the face of overwhelming evil.


We have the cream of the crop sharing a taster of the ONE thing they love, their stories. ENTICING excerpts for you to read. You never know, ONE of these authors may become your next FAVORITE.


From folklore to fantasy, from monsters to mayhem...Supernatural Compendium features a host of stories from fantasy, paranormal and horror authors that will make you shiver with anticipation.


*** All sales from the proceeds of this author compilation will be donated to Children's Cancer Society.***






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